Perhaps unsurprisingly to some, Donald J. Trump – the U.S. President-elect – has not yet come up with a clear policy on Africa, a continent that is the world’s fastest growing region for foreign direct investment (FDI), home to over 16% of the world’s population (Worldbarometers, 2016) and a reserve of 30% of the earth’s remaining mineral resources (Al Jazeera, 28.10.2016). This is, however, very good news for Beijing. If Trump is to implement his “America first” isolationist policy in the coming year, it can be expected that African countries will lean further towards China, who will actively utilise the opportunity to deepen its already all-encompassing influence on the continent. This will ultimately weaken America’s standing and political leverage in the world and can enable Beijing to achieve its so-called “China dream” – namely, advancing to the centre of the global geopolitical stage.