Shortly after his inauguration in 2012, President Peña Nieto announced a major package of reforms to revitalise Mexico’s stagnant economy. The PRI administration went on to introduce new education, energy, political, fiscal and telecommunications legislation, which became the ‘centrepiece’ of Peña Nieto’s mandate. However, many of the reforms soon became open to influence from informal actors, primarily the business elite, who undermined their fundamental objectives.

Key Points

  • Although Peña Nieto’s reforms have attracted international praise, the influence exerted by members of the business elite who have leveraged their political connections has ultimately undermined the key reform objectives of increasing competition, stimulating the economy and encouraging foreign investment.
  • By allowing these actors to influence the legislative process, the PRI is effectively compromising its integrity and returning to its previous mandate of extensive corruption, which Peña Nieto ensured the public would not happen.