Venezuela’s deepening political and economic crisis has spawned a crisis of leadership in both the ruling PSUV and the opposition coalition. With presidential elections slated for 2018, it has become increasingly unclear who will face off on the ballot. Diosdado Cabello could replace Nicolás Maduro as the face of the PSUV, while billionaire businessman Lorenzo Mendoza could step in to lead the fractured opposition. An election pitting Cabello against Mendoza would present voters with two radically different visions for Venezuela’s future.
Venezuela’s new National Constituent Assembly (ANC) unlocks another arena of struggle between President Nicolás Maduro and his long-time rival, Vice President of the PSUV, Diosdado Cabello Rondón. As a member of the ANC, Cabello is well-positioned to shape a political future in which his power is entrenched, possibly at Maduro’s expense.
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Based on an in-depth investigation conducted by Shadow Governance, this report details the criminal infiltration of Mexico’s second largest port – Lazaro Cardenas. In addition to highlighting how and why the port has been open to criminal influence, it identifies the groups involved and names key players.
King Salman’s one month tour of Asia produced several bilateral agreements of note between Saudi and China, particularly in the energy sector. However, the intentions of these may be more-deep rooted.
In March 2016, Zimbabwe announced its decision to rigorously impose its indigenisation law; news that sent shockwaves through the Chinese investment community.
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This assessment considers some of the contemporary operational obstacles to the growth of foreign investment in Mexico, and suggests some ways in which they could be overcome.