The Colombian government has made progress in resolving conflict with armed groups, but it has not ended illegal mining. The dynamic between illicit groups and mining may be changing, but it is not disappearing; as such, the persistence of illegal mining will continue to dampen state finances through untaxed revenue and it will remain an obstacle to investment.
In an attempt to secure his political survival, Brazil’s President Temer appears to have sold out to the agribusiness lobby. Confronted by corruption charges and declining public support, Temer has been seen to accommodate FPA requests, ostensibly opening up agri-sector opportunities to the detriment of environmental protection.
At a time of growing isolationist political thinking in the West, enterprises and investors should capitalise on the opportunities offered by China’s OBOR.
The astonishing growth trajectory of China’s HNA Group is perplexing, not only to many Western businessmen, but also to observers from within China. It seems to owe much of its growth to its ability to skilfully balance political exposure – a blessing for now, but a potentially dangerous game.
Should the US take a backseat in African affairs during the Trump presidency, China would have ample opportunity to increase its dominance over the continent.
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Agriculture is playing an important role in keeping Mexico’s net foreign trade deficit to a minimum. The key question remains; how much is already being done to capitalise on agricultural potential, and should investors be confident enough to put their money into Mexican coffee, fruit, vegetables or meat exports?