Mansour bin Zayed’s inclusion in the high-level Emirati delegation to Addis Ababa last month illustrates his ‘involvement at all costs’ modus operandi. As the House of Nahyan’s de facto Chief Investment Officer, Mansour is one of Abu Dhabi’s most influential princes and simply cannot be circumnavigated. Owing to his broad and varied access to Emirati affairs, there is very little that this prince does not touch.

Key Points

  • Mansour bin Zayed is one of Sheikh Zayed’s youngest sons, born one year before the UAE won independence from the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, he now sits as one of the most powerful princes hailing from the UAE’s capital.
  • Trends show that Mansour’s reach spans Abu Dhabi most strategic institutions, notably its network of sovereign wealth funds. He is the only person affiliated to each of them, which makes him the ‘point man’ for strategic investments.
  • Ultimately, this is relevant because he may rise to the very top – gaining a place in the succession line. Investors may welcome such a financially motivated prince; however, it remains unclear whether he sees value in a level playing field.