Whether by choice or circumstance, intelligence suggests that the role of Egypt’s Prime Minister may soon become vacant. Incumbent PM Sherif Ismail is viewed as a stabilising force within the political establishment and has won the trust of wider members of Cairo’s top brass; highlighting how the job is a delicate balancing act between the country’s most influential figures.

Today’s insight looks at Ismail’s status and considers who is in the running to win appointment to the role of PM, should it become available.

Key Points

  • The next big political change in Egypt may well be that of Prime Minister. Ismail has served since 2015 but the curtain may be set to fall on his premiership in the coming months.
  • Any change to Cairo’s most senior ministerial team will have a profound impact on elite dynamics and may lead to greater shake ups further down the line, depending on the modus operandi of those brought into the fold.
  • Three candidates in particular stand out for nomination to PM in light of their proximity to Sisi and their credentials to date. Although it is too soon to state with certainty, one of these ministers could yet receive a cabinet promotion.