The Elsewedy family are one of Egypt’s wealthiest blood kinship groups, and are an example of how some commercial players in the country have successfully navigated the challenges of straddling both business and political prominence.

The family holding – founded initially in 1938 as a trader of electrical equipment –benefited from the statist expansion of the Nasserist era, most noticeably as participants to the High Damn project in Aswan. The company shifted to become Egypt’s largest private manufacturer of cables in 1984 and its diversification continued in 2010, when Elsewedy Cable became Elsewedy Electric.

Counting close to 30 subsidiaries under its electrical umbrella, Elsewedy Electric is still the leading manufacturer of integrated cables and electrical products in the Middle East today. Sadek Ahmed Sadek Elsewedy is non-Executive Chairman, Ahmed Ahmed Sadek Elsewedy is Managing Director, while Mohamed Ahmed Sadek Elsewedy is a Board Member. Together they are the three most influential decision-makers.

Little attempt is made to separate the family from the entity, with five members of the ten-person board comprised of Elsewedys. Abdulrahman (Ahmed’s son) and Ahmed (Sadek’s Son) also now sit on the board, showing that attempts to bridge the generational corporate divide has now began in earnest.