Underneath surface-level developments relating to the King and Crown Prince, other immediate family members of Riyadh’s top brass are building influence in Saudi Arabia. Salman has eight living sons and an unknown number of grandsons that are all making headway through a mixture of commercial and political positions in the Kingdom – including CEOs, Chairmen, and Provincial Governors. Today’s analysis reviews the next generation power players in Saudi Arabia.

Impact Points

  • The children of King Salman quite simply dominate some of the key political posts in Saudi Arabia. He married three times and has children from each wife, but there is a four decade gap between his oldest and youngest, with several grandchildren also now in the frame.
  • Headline grabbing sons such as MbS and Ambassador Khalid are obviously worth noting, but research suggests there are several rising stars who are currently not in the limelight.
  • As the King’s immediate lineage acquires greater prestige in Riyadh under MbS, it is important to track the rise of brothers and cousins who do not currently receive mainstream attention, but who could go on to hold unrivalled influence as doors are opened.