Since appointing him his heir, King Salman of Saudi Arabia has sought to rapidly consolidate power into the hands of his son, Crown Prince Mohammed, in a manner that has shone an unprecedented spotlight over the Kingdom’s political affairs.
Chief among the various Power Plays used by the two has been the manipulation of existing institutions and their willingness to replace parts of the longstanding state apparatus.  Since the beginning of 2015, numerous new government and quasi-governmental structures have been created; seemingly both reporting to and loyal to the Crown Prince.  Additionally, there has been a significant overhaul in key personnel at elite level; with new Power Players now holding many of the posts that members of the old guard had held for so long.
With Power Plays set to continue into 2018, organisations operating – or looking to establish a presence – in Saudi Arabia will have to understand how to navigate these new structures and elite networks.
In our online briefing on the 22nd February, Shadow Governances Intel’s expert analysts will be looking at the following key issues:

  • The reasons why there are new structures in Saudi and where these sit within the political, economic, and military spheres.
  • A who’s who of the new appointees made in the past 36 months both in these structures as well as the wider government.
  • What effects this is having on the business environment in KSA and the most impacted sectors.
  • Risks posed as a result of this period of change; corresponding opportunities that can be realised if risks are navigated correctly.

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