As the Sisi government looks to build on the power amassed during his first term, a small group of people are fast becoming integral to his plans. Dalia Khorshid fell off the radar in early 2017 following her exclusion in a cabinet reshuffle and her whereabouts unknown. She is now back on the scene and perhaps more connected to the real power players in Cairo than at any point before.

Key Points

  • Dalia Khorshid is CEO of Eagle Capital; a fact that emerged when the company acquired the Egyptian Media Group from steel magnate Ahmed Abou Hashima in December 2017.
  • However, her formal expertise lies in the banking and telecoms sector, where she worked in some of Egypt’s most well-known entities before moving into politics in 2016. This led to Forbes Middle East ranking her among the 10 most influential women in government in September 2016.
  • There is evidence to suggest that she now belongs to an inner circle of elites who look set to pull the strings throughout President Sisi’s second term in power. These figures could yet become the most powerful ‘touch points’ in Cairo for foreign politicians and businessmen.