This analysis is adapted from Shadow Governance Intel’s latest report (available in the Report Store), entitled “Agribusiness in Egypt: Harvesting A Sector’s Potential”. It assesses the commercial reach of the Egyptian military and considers what implications this may have on agribusiness dealings in Cairo.

Egypt’s Armed Forces is witnessing one of its most lucrative commercial periods to date, thanks in large part to the modus operandi of the country’s Executive. Likewise, the President has been allowed to gradually consolidate his power with strong army backing, despite public dissatisfaction to his rule.

This two-way relationship goes a long way to explaining the state of politics and economics in contemporary Egypt.

On one side of the coin, Sisi needs the military to underwrite his political career, where the army’s support is seen as a de facto prerequisite for any would-be presidential figure. On the other side, the military can rest safe in the knowledge that Sisi will maintain its commercial access come whatever may, given his lifelong affiliation to the bloc. Essentially, it is a status quo where both parties prop one another up.