Egypt’s media landscape underwent significant restructuring in the latter stages of Abdel Fattah El Sisi’s first term in power. As the President’s second term begins, the latest chapter in this story is the acquisition of popular TV station ‘Al Hayat’ by an entity called Egyptian Media Group, a company with questions marks over its own ownership structure.

Today’s insight looks at the ultimate beneficial owner behind recent media acquisitions and considers their wider significance at political level.

Key Points

  • An entity called Eagle Capital (“EC”) is turning heads in Cairo after making a series of high profile investments into Egypt’s media sector over the past nine months.
  • Its entry to the sector suggests that some of the country’s premier media outlets are now directly under state control, and in particular, held by entities linked to the intelligence services.
  • This signals that, contrary to the President’s claims, Egypt is becoming more authoritarian and less willing to rely on ‘outsiders’ to enforce the strict lines it sets out – evident in in the marginalisation of Ahmed Abou Hashima.