Recent reports highlight the steady deepening of relations between the UAE and Kazakhstan across several strategic sectors. Both are resource rich states looking to attract foreign investment; moreover, they also share closed off power structures whereby political control is centralised into the hands of a few key individuals. In the period ahead, Western entities should watch the rise of Kazakh companies in the UAE economy as Emirati stakeholders may afford them informal in-roads to the domestic economies of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

  • The UAE and Kazakhstan are undergoing an enhancement in relations, both in commercial and political terms, suggesting that business between them could flourish in the coming years.
  • Although precise details of bilateral deals lack specificity, the energy sector is believed to be an area of strategic cooperation between Astana and Abu Dhabi, with renewables and non-renewables involved.
  • Dubai is also using the 2020 Expo to share expertise and engage with Astana, which is currently showcasing its commercial strengths in the 2017 edition, as both nations seek to broaden their economic capabilities.