As Ethiopia looks to inaugurate the Renaissance Dam, the region will become a political battleground among elites for control over the Nile’s water.
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As Iran continues to develop its transport sector, political infighting among the governmental elite may impact the implementation of projects.
The use of intimidation has increased during Sisi’s term. The reasons behind this have, in part, to do with the reallocation of resources amongst elites.
Ministries have manipulated legal and political institutions to create highly independent decision-making bodies with almost zero oversight, facilitating large-scale embezzlement of state finances
The resignation and arrest of then-Agriculture Minister Salah el-Din Mahmoud Helal in September 2015 highlighted the manipulation of political office for personal gain in Egypt.
After the military seized the state, there is a strategy of protectionism for military patronage – highlighted in the case of it undermining Arabtec’s housing plan
The el-Sisi regime is taking measures to rehabilitate Mubarak-era business elites into the new status quo. As witnessed with the shifting legal status of Ahmed Ezz, rehabilitation and renewed access to elite channels comes from supporting the regime.
Membership of elite families in the UAE opens doors to the highest positions in state owned companies - individual ability and successful management will be rewarded with continued advancement.
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