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As investment potential looks ahead to 2016, it is clear that several of the most pressing issues that have weighed upon decision-makers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai will continue to have an effect on domestic and regional stability.
Although tax reforms have been on the government agenda since the 1990s, their implementation has repeatedly stalled, encountering strong resistance from groups reluctant to abandon their economic privileges.
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While the signing of the nuclear agreement in July 2015 marks Iran’s official return to the international stage, the unfolding repercussions of this landmark will form the background of the country’s political and economic developments for 2016.
The el-Sisi regime is taking measures to rehabilitate Mubarak-era business elites into the new status quo. As witnessed with the shifting legal status of Ahmed Ezz, rehabilitation and renewed access to elite channels comes from supporting the regime.
Membership of elite families in the UAE opens doors to the highest positions in state owned companies - individual ability and successful management will be rewarded with continued advancement.