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Having been a benefactor of FDI for so long, Egypt is doing all it can to attract foreign investors back, including passing new investment laws. But is it enough?
Iranian companies are increasing their exposure to the Iraqi market. Although private entities have secured access, it is expected that IRGC affiliated entities will take the lead.
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In Egypt’s opaque and potentially exploitative setting, identifying how influence is exerted is a worthwhile endeavour for understanding how the state functions, and how this impacts investment decisions.
As a new group of elite decision makers consolidate in the U.S., a number of options are available to Egypt – including stronger partnerships with Israel.
Heading into 2017 with an understanding of the key country proclivities in Egypt will help investors navigate an opaque and uncertain environment.
Given the potentially lucrative commercial environment in Iran, an overview of its political landscape is arguably more pressing in 2017 than any other year in recent memory.
The coming year will be crucial for external investors in determining how receptive Saudi Arabia will be to foreign investment.
With a rapidly forgiving policy towards Egypt’s fallen elite, the central question is to what extent the government may lead their reintegration.
Egypt is adjusting to a period of austerity in order to rescue its economy from its steady decline.
The IGA is pursuing a strategy of reconciliation with criminalised elites from the former regime in order to recoup parts of Egypt’s lost wealth. While this policy aligns with the country’s pressing fiscal needs, investors should pay attention to the effects that political rehabilitation may have on the workings of the deep state under President Sisi.
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The UAE has tried to build a reputation as an international centre of trade and commerce. In light of this, it has become apparent that its approach to bankruptcy and corporate insolvency has been inadequate.
On-going investigations into widespread procurement embezzlement by the Egyptian Ministry of Supply has once again highlighted the ease with which state institutions are undermined.