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Given the importance of energy sector dynamics in the Middle East, understanding Iran’s energy sector proclivities – including its political exposure, and who wields influence - is critical for foreign investors.
If politics is the pursuit of power, then the media is a usefully ally in pursuit. But what, and who, shapes Egypt’s media landscape?
Iranian companies are increasing their exposure to the Iraqi market. Although private entities have secured access, it is expected that IRGC affiliated entities will take the lead.
In December 2016, Iran’s Minister of Energy announced the establishment of the Iran-Iraq Utility Cooperation Association, highlighting the importance of Iraq accounting for c. 90% of Iran’s exports in water and electricity related services.
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As Iran continues to develop its transport sector, political infighting among the governmental elite may impact the implementation of projects.
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Egypt is experiencing new gas worries as Saudi Arabia reneges on its bilateral agreement.
Regulatory bodies exist in the Financial Free Trade Zones to project the façade of internationally respected oversight and corporate governance. The case of the Kaloti Group highlights the arbitrary nature of regulation.
Confrontation between one of Egypt's high-profile businessmen and the Central Bank is exposing a rift between private interests and the official strategies of the state.