Given the potentially lucrative commercial environment in Iran, an overview of its political landscape is arguably more pressing in 2017 than any other year in recent memory.
The coming year will be crucial for external investors in determining how receptive Saudi Arabia will be to foreign investment.
As the Egypt government continues its push towards economic recovery, the state’s most prevalent actor is unsurprisingly shoring up its domestic efforts.
Egypt’s Foreign Minister has visited Washington in order to pave the way for a healthy relationship with the incoming Trump administration.
Perhaps one of Egypt’s most organised informal networks is the Judges Club. What exactly is the club and what role do they play in Egypt?
The UAE’s changing role in the Yemen Civil War sheds light on elite decision making and regional policy.
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Egypt is experiencing new gas worries as Saudi Arabia reneges on its bilateral agreement.
Ahead of Iran’s 2017 elections, important reshuffling is taking place in the executive government.
Egypt is adjusting to a period of austerity in order to rescue its economy from its steady decline.
The use of intimidation has increased during Sisi’s term. The reasons behind this have, in part, to do with the reallocation of resources amongst elites.
Although the 2011 revolution removed Mubarak from power and briefly ushered in a period of Muslim Brotherhood rule, in 2016 the old social and political elite have unequivocally consolidated their position in Egypt’s political system.
To demonstrate that Rouhani will face an uphill battle to deliver on his electoral promises, radical religious forces unexpectedly cancelled concerts by renown Iranian artists.