Throughout recent history, Qatar and Russia have been the most unlikely of allies but time (and money) heals all wounds. This analysis considers Qatar-Russia bilateral relations.
As President Sisi seeks to further consolidate his anti-Islamist discourse in the build-up to next year’s election , institutional tension may be on the rise between Egypt’s religious and political blocs. But to what end and to who’s gain?
The U.S. President faces a conflict of interest scenario with regards his business interests. The extent to which his political integrity could be compromised can be viewed through his relationship to countries on his sanctions list.
With elections in 3 months, Iran’s Executive and judiciary are at loggerheads over social reform and the rule of law. While the judiciary remains accountable only to the Supreme Leader, there will be little room for change.
Sadegh Larijani, Iran’s Head of Judiciary, stands accused of holding 63 bank accounts in his name. Although there are some tones of political motivation behind the attack, there is little doubt that the accounts exist.
If politics is the pursuit of power, then the media is a usefully ally in pursuit. But what, and who, shapes Egypt’s media landscape?
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In Egypt’s opaque and potentially exploitative setting, identifying how influence is exerted is a worthwhile endeavour for understanding how the state functions, and how this impacts investment decisions.
Conservative Tehran Mayor Ghalibaf has faced allegations that he approved the sale of under-valued real estate to council employees and private citizens; manipulating a new bylaw.
As a new group of elite decision makers consolidate in the U.S., a number of options are available to Egypt – including stronger partnerships with Israel.
As Ethiopia looks to inaugurate the Renaissance Dam, the region will become a political battleground among elites for control over the Nile’s water.
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As Iran continues to develop its transport sector, political infighting among the governmental elite may impact the implementation of projects.
Heading into 2017 with an understanding of the key country proclivities in Egypt will help investors navigate an opaque and uncertain environment.