Much has changed in Iran since the 2013 elections and the outcome of elections on the 19th of May 2017 will empower iran’s leadership for the foreseeable future. The two leading candidates stand for opposed strategies - depending on who wins will define whether Iran continues to open itself to the world, or whether it turns back time.
With Aramco set to be the biggest company by market cap, global political elites are pushing to land its listing. Who amongst New York, London, Hong Kong and Singapore are feasibly in the frame?
He may only have just passed the 100-day mark, but Trump’s foreign policy continue to be scrutinised. None more so than the U.S. stance towards Iran. This is having a direct impact on Iran’s foreign investment environment, and the expectations of Iran’s private sector.
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Given the importance of energy sector dynamics in the Middle East, understanding Iran’s energy sector proclivities – including its political exposure, and who wields influence - is critical for foreign investors.
The development of Erbil’s energy sector is undermined by complex political tensions, and operating in Kurdistan is laced with nuances and hidden risks. International investors who navigate political forces in Iraq and Kurdistan, however, can tilt the risk – reward ratio in their favour.
Throughout recent history, Qatar and Russia have been the most unlikely of allies but time (and money) heals all wounds. This analysis considers Qatar-Russia bilateral relations.
As President Sisi seeks to further consolidate his anti-Islamist discourse in the build-up to next year’s election , institutional tension may be on the rise between Egypt’s religious and political blocs. But to what end and to who’s gain?
The U.S. President faces a conflict of interest scenario with regards his business interests. The extent to which his political integrity could be compromised can be viewed through his relationship to countries on his sanctions list.
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General Khalifa has gained an increasingly important role in Libya’s post-Uprising transition. Ambitious and uncompromising, his growing international support is raising questions for future scenarios to stabilise Libya.
If politics is the pursuit of power, then the media is a usefully ally in pursuit. But what, and who, shapes Egypt’s media landscape?
In December 2016, Iran’s Minister of Energy announced the establishment of the Iran-Iraq Utility Cooperation Association, highlighting the importance of Iraq accounting for c. 90% of Iran’s exports in water and electricity related services.
As Ethiopia looks to inaugurate the Renaissance Dam, the region will become a political battleground among elites for control over the Nile’s water.