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Political stability in the U.A.E. is often tied to foreign and domestic forces. This report focuses on the origins and nature of external influence over the UAE by considering the countries, actors, and broader forces that influence Emirati decision-making.
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General Khalifa has gained an increasingly important role in Libya’s post-Uprising transition. Ambitious and uncompromising, his growing international support is raising questions for future scenarios to stabilise Libya.
With elections in 3 months, Iran’s Executive and judiciary are at loggerheads over social reform and the rule of law. While the judiciary remains accountable only to the Supreme Leader, there will be little room for change.
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Having been a benefactor of FDI for so long, Egypt is doing all it can to attract foreign investors back, including passing new investment laws. But is it enough?
Iranian companies are increasing their exposure to the Iraqi market. Although private entities have secured access, it is expected that IRGC affiliated entities will take the lead.
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As one of Egypt’s most high profile liberals, Mohammed El Baradei could cause an upset in the 2018 elections. Is he ready to re-enter politics?
Heading into 2017 with an understanding of the key country proclivities in Egypt will help investors navigate an opaque and uncertain environment.
Given the potentially lucrative commercial environment in Iran, an overview of its political landscape is arguably more pressing in 2017 than any other year in recent memory.
The coming year will be crucial for external investors in determining how receptive Saudi Arabia will be to foreign investment.
Perhaps one of Egypt’s most organised informal networks is the Judges Club. What exactly is the club and what role do they play in Egypt?
The UAE’s changing role in the Yemen Civil War sheds light on elite decision making and regional policy.
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Egypt is experiencing new gas worries as Saudi Arabia reneges on its bilateral agreement.
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