As the new acting president until elections in December, current Prime Minister Mirziyoyev has already begun to cement his authority. In his new role as the new interim leader of Uzbekistan, Mirziyoyev’s mandate has become increasingly clear: to bring back “outlawed” individuals, slowly break Karimov’s legacy, and finalise consensus with the Tashkent-clan to secure a transition that is much more polished than observers had initially expected.

Despite the death of the authoritarian leader, there is still no place for optimism in the post-Karimov Uzbekistan. The elite networks loyal to Karimov are merely being replaced for those that will show loyalty to the new interim President.

Congregating a Circle of Loyal Elites
On Karimov’s death, according to the Constitutions, the head of the Uzbek Senate, Nigmatulla Yoldashev, was responsible for acting as the interim president. She, however, refused to do so, suggesting that Mirziyoyev take over the duties. Mirziyoyev moved very fast to reshuffle the political elite and introduce individuals loyal to him.