Former Odessa governor Saakashvili’s resignation, announced during his press conference last month in which he criticized the Poroshenko administration of broken promises and corruption, resulted in the creation of a new political force against Poroshenko. Before the “Saakashvili storm” was over, another case emerged where Poroshenko’s former ally and Rada member (Popular Will Fraction) in exile, Alexandr Onishenko, accused the President of various questionable practices.

Onishenko left Ukraine in July amid an ongoing criminal case, initiated by NABU, regarding embezzlement and fraud. His accusations against Poroshenko focused on corruption, corporate raiding, and using financial incentives – orchestrated by Onishenko himself – to eliminate former Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk (, 02.12.2016). Building upon his accusations, Onishenko stated that he had audio recordings of his conversations with Poroshenko, which were handed over to the American intelligence services. The meeting between Onishenko and American officials was confirmed by reformist Rada member Sergei Leshenko, who confirmed that it took place last month in Madrid (, 02.12.2016).