On the 2nd of November 2016, the Moscow court ruled that Renova Managing Director Eugeniy Olkhovnik, and General Director of Renova subsidiary T Plus, Boris Vainzikher, would remain under arrest (RBC.ru, 02.11.2016). This is despite attempts made by Viktor Vekselberg, Renova Chairman, to resolve the conflict. Olkhovnik and Vainzikher were arrested in September 2016 on allegations that they bribed former senior officials of the Komi Government.

The case is connected to last year’s corruption scandal involving Komi’s former Governor Vyacheslav Gaizer (2010-2015), and his associates within the Komi Government. It illustrates the dynamics of state-business relations in the regions, and sheds light on the changing inter-elite dynamics in the context of the economic crisis.