Russia's 2018 Presidential elections will technically be Putin’s last, without constitutional change or another job-swap with the Prime Minister. Should he stand, he will almost certainly win; and yet political and economic uncertainty are already driving discussions amongst Russia’s elites about what a post-Putin Russia might look like. For many businesses, both Russian and foreign, commercial success is intrinsically linked to a system controlled and mediated by Putin himself. The spectre of a Russia without Putin at its head raises the prospect of the type of political and business uncertainty that has not been experienced since before he took power.

In this 30 minute webinar Shadow Governance analysts will look at the political and commercial Power Players and elite groups in Russia that stand to gain and/or lose from this emerging uncertainty; culminating in an outlook that will identify which personalities are set to rise in a post-Putin era, and most importantly what this means for organisations operating or looking to operate in Russia.

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