In Uzbekistan, former President Islam Karimov - who died in September - played a decisive role as an arbitrator in balancing influential power players since the fall of the Soviet Union, including (temporarily) eliminating influential persons who could pose a threat to his regime. Alisher Usmanov, an ethnic Uzbek billionaire, was one of the prominent figures who did not enjoy a good relationship with the President. Certain developments around Usmanov after the death of Islam Karimov, however, indicate that he might be back on stage in Uzbekistan.
The case analyses the arrest of Renova’s top management and its implications for Viktor Vekselberg and the inter-elite dynamics.
Saakashvili’s decision to resign as the governor of Odessa and to start a new movement “to clean up the oligarchic dirt” has added a new dimension to the political dynamics of Ukraine. Despite his aspiration to fight against the system it is unlikely that he will succeed
As the economy of Uzbekistan faces challenges and uncertainty after Karimov’s death, the acting President Mirziyoyev has signed a decree which intends to attract foreign investments. By providing privileges and advantages for investors in its Free Trade Zone’s Uzbekistan wants to vitalise its economy. However, the existing problems regarding its currency remains a problem.