Heading into a last-ditch period of negotiations to find a compromised solution on their country’s name with Greece, Macedonian leaders are also literally taking care of business. The leftist SDSM-led government’s recent moves on economy and investment belie an awareness of its own weak mandate, growing public discontent over a weak economy and perceived capitulations to the Greeks, and a limited timetable to deliver diplomatic results have added to political and economic risk for investors.

Key Points

  • Whilst Western governments and organisations continue to focus on finding resolution to the Macedonian name crisis; members of the SDSM-led government are seeking short term (personal) financial gains with the knowledge that failure to reach a deal with Greece will ostensibly result in a call for new elections.
  • Economic goings-on suggest that the fluid political situation is being used as a veneer behind which opaque business transactions are being secured by a range of actors, from cabinet ministers to SDSM family and friends.
  • Energy, medical marijuana, and mining are among the sectors that have attracted the attention, and involvement, of Macedonia’s politically exposed.