The TMSF is being used by the Government to facilitate politically motivated asset seizures in Turkey. It is being used to further empower the AKP.
Analysis of the chances for the consolidation of an internal opposition within the AKP against the President Erdoğan.
Political purges in Turkey are affecting the credibility of the Turkish market. These purges have targeted CEO’s of holdings with alleged links to the Gülen movement.
Over the last week there has been a series of accusations exchanged between the Iraqi and Turkish governments; the focus, the Turkish military base in Bashiqa, east of Mosul.
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In the aftermath of the attempted military coup, state institutions – including the intelligence agencies - are being purged of alleged Gülen supporters.
The enactment of a State of Emergency has legitimised the largest political purges in modern Turkish history. Erdogan is using this legal framework to further consolidate his power.
On a visit to the U.S., Erdogan accuses US attorneys involved in the Zarrab case of having links to the Gulen movement.
President Erdoğan is targeting private businesses with connections to the Gülen movement. This realignment of elite interests is being packaged as part of a purge against alleged terrorist threats.
Following the failed coup attempt, the GCC was unique to uniformly support Ankara in the face of military intervention.
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The failed coup against President Erdoğan and his administration is going to usher in a period of significant power consolidation by the President.
In December 2013, a series of raids took place to expose massive corruption at the heart of the government and its closest business allies. After the initial raids, Erdoğan moved swiftly to stall investigations, and removed key police officials from their posts.
The AKP’s election of Binali Yıldırım as Prime Minister on 22nd May is a precursor for an imminent shift in the Turkish political system.
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