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Examples of recently commissioned projects include:

  • Specific personality profiles of individuals of client interest, including an integrity assessment and relationship map.
  • Identification of key players in Brazil’s tobacco lobby, and an assessment of whether the lobby was successful in promoting tobacco issues to the regulator.
  • Mapped criminal and insurgent influence in a specific region in Colombia in which our Client had mining interests, and considered the probability of various security scenarios occurring (i.e. bribery, extortion, kidnapping).
  • Identified political – business – criminal ties in the energy and financial sectors of a country in the Middle East. Key stakeholders that were identified were profiled to help the client measure the potential impact various relationships could have on the future development of their operational plans.
  • In a Eurasian country we mapped out the intersection between the financial sector, ruling elite and key financial entities to help our client make a risk-adjusted decision regarding how to engage the market and where to avoid exposure to risks brought on by political exposure.
  • Identified and analysed key energy-specific elite structures in a Eurasian and Middle Eastern market, whilst also assessing the mechanisms they commonly used to apply pressure on foreign businesses operating in the industry. Changing allegiances were subsequently monitored.