Tanzania has been making headlines for the wrong reasons in recent months. A high profile commercial dispute between the government and London listed, Acacia Mining, has been accompanied by worrying accounts of growing authoritarianism. Two years into his presidency, John Pombe Magufuli has demonstrated little tolerance for political opposition, displaying an aggressive style only matched by his hard-line approach to tackling corruption.

Impact Points

  • Two years into his presidency, and President Magufuli has made a significant impact on Tanzania’s political environment, with his no-nonsense leadership approach attracting both praise and condemnations from both the local population and international observers.
  • Applauded for his tough stance on corruption and his uncompromising approach to negotiating with international mining companies, Magufuli’s victories have been largely overshadowed by accusations of democratic repression.
  • Nevertheless, despite his increasingly authoritarian ruling style, Magufuli has so far manged to fairly successfully introduce much needed reforms whilst retaining strong domestic support and maintaining Tanzania’s highly attractive investment climate.