Since 1992 Ghana has been viewed as an archetype of stability and good governance in West Africa, enjoying several consecutive highly contested - but peaceful, fair and credible - elections.

Largely due to this political stability, Ghana has long been viewed as a democratic ally and attractive investment location. Combined with steady economic growth and a continuously improving business environment, the country presents various investment opportunities. As one of the most important and fastest growing sectors in Ghana, the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) has highlighted tourism as one of nine priority sectors for investment.

While the government appears keen to promote a pro-business attitude, a number of factors continue to adversely impact its attempt to promote Ghana as an attractive destination for hotel investors, as the country continues to struggle with unnecessary bureaucracy, excessive regulation and infrastructural deficiencies.

Impact Points

  • Ghana is making a concerted effort to establish itself as a major tourism destination on the continent; with the sector is already attracting the attention of numerous internationally branded hotel chains.
  • While continued economic growth, an increasingly inviting investment environment and a stable political environment has fuelled investor interest, challenges remain.
  • Ultimately however, the government has recognised Ghana’s tourism potential and opportunities are particularly on the rise for investors interested in the country’s burgeoning hotel sector.