As Nigeria battles Boko Haram, the mission gets complicated with diverging allegiances – some of which appear allied with ISIS.
DRC’s main opposition alliance has called for a general strike instead of accepting talks with the Kabila government to discuss postponed Presidential elections.
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Like his father before him, Joseph Kabila has been employing systemic intimidation of opposition viewed as a viable threat to his presidency.
There is a growing concern that kidnappings for ransom are rising in frequency, and targeting Mozambique’s business community.
A massive maritime protection and security deal in Mozambique has been misrepresented as a contract to purchase a tuna fishing fleet.
Since February 2016, the NDA has claimed responsibility for attacks against oil infrastructure. In an effort to quickly mitigate damage, the government is trying negotiations.
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Although DRC has potential investment opportunities; its prospects are hindered by a myriad of issues such as political instability, corruption and inadequate infrastructure.
Ghana has emerged as an archetype of stability and good governance in Africa. A string of corruption scandals, however, will challenge its commitment to transparent governance.
Although Buhari is applauded for recovering over $9.1 billion in looted assets during its first year in office, the government is accused of protectionism for not publishing names.
As Kabila eyes a third term in office, repression of opposition and civil society continues; political and economic stability does not bode well.
The most recent militia to emerge from the Delta, the NDA is an enigma. With limited transparency, rumours about their origins and modus operandi abound.
Ali Modu Sheriff appointed acting National PDP Chairman – a polarizing figure, he is tasked with reshaping a party still suffering from its spectacular defeat in the last elections.