The Tinubu-APC standoff can create considerable instability on a state and federal level. Tinubu has amassed considerable political and economic resources and is a formidable opponent.
Following talks between the Buhari administration and Niger Delta stakeholders on 1st November, militant groups have issued varying responses
New corruption allegations have come to light concerning questionable transfers at BGFIBank DRC, involving members of the political elite and the embattled CENI.
The Federal Government is to meet leaders from the Niger Delta community and militant groups to end ongoing conflict and reduce attacks on oil infrastructure.
Kabila is travelling to Luanda to attend the 7th inter-ministerial meeting of the UN Great Lakes Summit in search of regional allies; Angola is unlikely to be courted.
In March 2016, Zimbabwe announced its decision to rigorously impose its indigenisation law; news that sent shockwaves through the Chinese investment community.
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In a perceived affront to democracy, on 10 Oct 2016, the Ghana Electoral Commission rejected the nomination of 13 candidates to contest the 7 December 2016 presidential polls in a perceived affront to democracy.
On 7th October 2016, the Department of State Services (DSS) announced that it had carried out raids on the homes of a number of prominent judicial officials, seven of whom were arrested.
The Kinshasa government has announced that it plans to publish all of its large-scale agricultural contracts in an effort to increase transparency over land deals.
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The hype associated with Buhari’s electoral victory is quickly eroding as his administration’s lack of economic competency is undermining his inspiring campaign rhetoric.
The current status of the relationship and tensions between the ruling Frelimo party and its long-time political opponent, Renamo.
A review of the web of opaque offshore companies behind the expansive Lúrio River Valley agricultural development deal