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APC wins Ondo State governorship; yet, success is marred by a fierce internal war between the party’s Tinubu and Buhari factions.
Keen to capitalise on the DRC’s natural resources wealth, MNCs have leveraged Dan Gertler’s elite contacts to gain access to mining rights.
In an effort to silence anti-government sentiment, the Kabila administration has used physical and legislative repression in an attempt to retain its position.
In accordance with the 18th October dialogue a government transition is underfoot; yet, Kabila’s political future remains unclear.
Evidence has revealed that Somalia’s al-Shabaab has aligned itself with DRC’s ADF rebels in recent years to exploit the illicit gold trade.
The Tinubu-APC standoff can create considerable instability on a state and federal level. Tinubu has amassed considerable political and economic resources and is a formidable opponent.
Following talks between the Buhari administration and Niger Delta stakeholders on 1st November, militant groups have issued varying responses
New corruption allegations have come to light concerning questionable transfers at BGFIBank DRC, involving members of the political elite and the embattled CENI.