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Although DRC has potential investment opportunities; its prospects are hindered by a myriad of issues such as political instability, corruption and inadequate infrastructure.
Ghana has emerged as an archetype of stability and good governance in Africa. A string of corruption scandals, however, will challenge its commitment to transparent governance.
DRC and Egypt increase diplomatic relations, and it appears to be all about water.
As the government seeks to ward off a looming recession, the Buhari government is faced with the seemingly insurmountable task of balancing a $15 billion state deficit. A key starting point is reform of the oil sector and the NNPC.
The 16 February strike against the postponement of Presidential elections was deemed a success by the opposition; but it is unlikely to impact Kabila’s glissement strategy.
CENI reported that it will not be possible for DRC to hold presidential elections scheduled for 27th November. Opposition and civil society have reacted accordingly.
In the face of a deteriorating economy, the opposition NPP can regain the incumbency; but, can it overcome internal divisions to regain power?
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In comparison to other Sub-Saharan countries, the 2016 outlook for Nigeria is positive, with tentative optimism afforded to a reversal of its current political, economic and security woes.