Recent discoveries of extensive offshore gas reserves have propelled Mozambique into the industry spotlight in recent years. This report outlines the main trends of downstream hydrocarbon theft, the key actors involved, and the impact of this activity.
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This week Shadow Governance release a report on the downstream theft of hydrocarbons in Ghana. Downstream hydrocarbon theft has remained underreported, despite producing substantial illicit profits. Our report details key actors, the main trends, and provides an impact assessment. A summary of the report is provided here.
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The downstream theft of hydrocarbons in Nigeria has remained underreported, despite producing substantial illicit profits for those involved. This report outlines the key actors involved in this trade, the main trends of downstream hydrocarbon theft, and the impact of this activity.
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Chad’s location at the centre of regional conflicts adversely impacts its security environment. Although this may compound its ability to attract FDI, investors armed with knowledge of how these security dynamics evolve, can remain resilient to potential instability.
West Africa has emerged as the latest battleground in the turf war between AQ and ISIS. Extending beyond the borders of northern Mali into Niger, Burkina Faso and Cote d’Ivoire; the latest developments have political and commercial implications.
The newly established Somali-Turkish relations is providing Erdoğan and his inner circle with a source of lucrative returns, which could soon be increased.
With political tensions at an all-time high, and the DRC on the brink of tumbling into political and civil chaos, the re-emergence of the M23 may very well be leveraged by Kabila as justification to retain political control.
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Resource distribution, like all forms of informal mechanisms in Nigeria, is linked to the practice of godfatherism, and it is via this dynamic that several of Nigeria’s key economic elite built their empires.
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Although Ghana possesses many of the attributes of a successful state, it still faces various governance issues. Most significantly, political and legal have been manipulated by some members of the elite to retain and protect their respective political and economic status.
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Despite claims by the Abuja government to the contrary, the ever evolving Boko Haram remains a tenacious and persistent threat, and will do well into 2017
With financial constraints mounting, Mozambique defaults on its $59.7m Eurobond repayment and claims it cannot pay its debts until 2021
Following the ratification of the 2015 Cybercrimes Act, some of Nigeria’s political and economic elite have relied on its provision to silence critics.
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