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Like his father before him, Joseph Kabila has been employing systemic intimidation of opposition viewed as a viable threat to his presidency.
There is a growing concern that kidnappings for ransom are rising in frequency, and targeting Mozambique’s business community.
A massive maritime protection and security deal in Mozambique has been misrepresented as a contract to purchase a tuna fishing fleet.
Since February 2016, the NDA has claimed responsibility for attacks against oil infrastructure. In an effort to quickly mitigate damage, the government is trying negotiations.
Although Buhari is applauded for recovering over $9.1 billion in looted assets during its first year in office, the government is accused of protectionism for not publishing names.
As Kabila eyes a third term in office, repression of opposition and civil society continues; political and economic stability does not bode well.
DRC and Egypt increase diplomatic relations, and it appears to be all about water.
As President Buhari pushes forward with his anti-corruption platform, observers ponder the the benefits of investigating the former President.
CENI reported that it will not be possible for DRC to hold presidential elections scheduled for 27th November. Opposition and civil society have reacted accordingly.
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A September 2015 documentary reveals judicial corruption; an expose that will test the government’s resolve to clean house.
Once considered an economic powerhouse, Nigeria has slowly fallen victim to extensive corruption and the looting of its vast oil resources. With a tainted history, President Buhari is set on reversing the corruption epidemic.
Allegations of misuse of finance pitted against Fashola (May 2015) highlight how a politician’s future is inextricably tied to the whims of a (former) godfather.