Shadow Governance Intel provides an alternative approach to understanding political and commercial risk in emerging and frontier markets. Our focus is to look at where power lies, and how Power Players circumnavigate the political and commercial environment to their advantage. Understanding the nuances of these markets helps to build a more accurate picture of the prevailing operating environment, de-risk investments, and minimise exposure to political risks, bribery and corruption, unfair competition, and other unethical business behaviour.  

Membership to the Shadow Governance Intel platform is a cost-effective way to augment in-house research and intelligence capabilities, or to build in-house knowledge to be better equipped to explore emerging and frontier market opportunities. Membership to the platform provides immediate access to:

  1. ‘Commissions’ portal where comprehensive, yet fast turnaround analysis and special reports, can be commissioned. Allow Shadow Governance to use its global network of subject-matter experts, and access to reliable and verified in-country sources, to address your specific intelligence requirements, and to ultimately gain greater transparency on your markets of interest.
  2. Report Store that holds hundreds of special reports, profiles of influential political and commercial Power Players, and industry-specific reports that explore markets from a Shadow Governance perspective.
  3. Daily analysis highlighting emerging and frontier market risks and opportunities; our analysts monitor and assess trends that are not regularly reported in the media.

Become a member now to benefit from cost-effective insight into the mechanics of emerging and frontier markets.

If you have any questions about the Shadow Governance offering, feel free to send us a question via our ‘Contact Us’ link.