Shadow Governance Intel supports organisations operating or investing in emerging and frontier markets by helping them identify the power players and understand the ways in which market influencers circumnavigate the political and commercial environment to their advantage. Understanding the operating environment of emerging and frontier markets de-risks your investments and minimises your exposure to political risks, bribery and corruption, unfair competition, money laundering and other unethical business behaviour.

More specifically, the Shadow Governance Intel platform provides:

  • Profiles of individuals who exert influence over political, commercial or criminal entities;
  • Relationship and influence maps of key power players and the elite networks to which they are associated;
  • Political stability assessments that highlight where in government power lies, the interplay between political stability and interference, what departments are exposed to undue influence, and where political exposure is the greatest;
  • Descriptions and assessments of a country’s main political, commercial and illicit networks;
  • Reports detailing, by Ministry and Industry, where power lies and how power players manipulate otherwise regulated structures. These reports highlight how influence exerted by power players impact the opacity of a country’s business culture vis-à-vis non-transparent business practices, intimidation, and the outright manipulation of political and legal structures.
  • Reports detailing related country risks, and the impact they specifically have on political stability and commercial viability of a market.

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