Shadow Governance Intel is managed by a team that has been involved in the business of intelligence and political risk since the late 1990s, advising corporate and government clients around the world. A diverse team of multilingual analysts are core to the research we produce.

Shadow Governance Intel provides you with access to a global network of professionals with country, subject matter, and sector-specific expertise. This network consists of established academics, sector specialists, investigative journalists, and former civil servants. Our global network is further supplemented by access to local in-country sources, who provide yet another level of insight into how Shadow Governance operates in specific markets.

The Shadow Governance Intel leadership team and experienced regional analysts oversee this network, and are continuously building new relationships to meet member demands.

Confidentiality of our network, and local sources, combined with a rigorous verification and editorial process, ensures that the insight provided through Shadow Governance Intel is unbiased, balanced, and actionable.

In order to respond to diverse client-specific requests through our ‘Special Commissions’ page, Shadow Governance Intel has clear access to individuals that provide us with combined depth and breadth of knowledge that results in analysis of the highest quality.   

The Shadow Governance Intel team exemplify the following traits:

  • Carefully balancing detailed knowledge with a macro perspective, providing our members depth and breadth of analysis.
  • Probing minds that seek to understand who and what drives political and commercial decisions, acknowledging that they are not made in a vacuum;
  • Tenacious and creative research to isolate where and with who control lies;
  • Commitment to transparency, and the provision of balanced insight;

To learn more about Shadow Governance, or to request a full demonstration of our platform, contact us through our “Contact Us” page, or directly on +44 (0) 1334 757007, or email